Going to a special event? Wow them with your jewelry!

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With special events, such as weddings, charity events & parties, such a part of our lives one area where we can stand out from the crowd is with our jewelry. I get told all the time by my clients, 'but I can't afford jewelry'...Okay, I get that. Not everyone is going to be able to purchase a pair of Diamond earrings to go with that little black dress. But here's the great news-you don't have to! Fashion jewelry these days is so elevated that you can create a red carpet ready look.

One of my favorite designers that I turn to when dressing my clients is Anna Beck. Her designs have recently been seen on the gorgeous Maria Menounos! This look is great for those who want to spice up their refined look with some bold statement pieces...

 Going to a special event? Wow them with your jewelry!

Add that SPLASH of color! Anna Beck fashion jewelry available at Desires by Mikolay 914.238.2223 $100-$650

One of our bestselling earrings from this collection is her Green Amethyst chandelier ($315 available at Desires by Mikolay 914.238.2223). Green is the NEW neutral and just ads that subtle touch of cool toned color.

32EGG GA1 179x300 Going to a special event? Wow them with your jewelry!




Ladies often feel pressure when going to an event to purchase a new dress...Spending a lot of money on a dress that you might wear once or twice is simply a waste of money. Instead of purchasing a new dress each time, invest in a great black sheath. Wear the same dress to your events, but reinvent the look with your accessories. Clothes only work for a few seasons unless you buy something super classic. Jewelry, however, lasts forever! So skip that metallic dress that happens to be on trend right now. Focus instead on some new accessories.

Another designer that I often style with is the talented Miguel Ases...Worn by celebrities from Sarah Jessica Parker to Ashley Judd, and more recently Michele Obama became a fan!

 Going to a special event? Wow them with your jewelry!Miguel's line is all about large statement earrings, so bold you can forget about a necklace. Besides having great price points ($115-$495), many of his earrings are dual toned metallics...This appeals to me due to it's versatility...Picking up on both gold and silver tones allow the wearer to mix metals and create a more eclectic look. These bestellers showcase both the gold and silver tones. E21500 149x300 Going to a special event? Wow them with your jewelry!

As you can see the options are limitless...At Desires by Mikolay we specialize in being able to help you create that red carpet look on any budget! Want help creating your next event's look? Bring in your dress and my team & I will work our magic!

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Til then fashionista's, Happy Shopping!

-Tara Mikolay


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