Druzy, Agate and Quartz

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Check out the latest and greatest in fashion jewelry - Druzy, Agate and Quartz! Combining natural stones with mixed metals creates a totally wearable look. What's better? Each piece is one-of-a-kind, making it uniquely you! We just love the natural sparkly and shine of druzy paired with oxidized metal for that soho chic vibe, and so will YOU!

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Not just costume jewelry, but a jewelry costume!

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This Halloween make your costume come to life with jewelry! Rock an ensemble centered around iconic pieces and pair with basic, easy-to-find clothing. Let your accessories do the work, and your creativity shine!

If putting together a chic, original costume for Halloween has you stressed, relax! We know that finding all the right elements of an outfit can be a chore, so we've saved you the hassle! This year, focus just on the fun, sparkly stuff, and then you will have invested in pieces you can wear over and over, and designed a unique look to boot!

Marilyn Monroe
What better jewels to begin with than diamonds? Marilyn Monroe's character, Lorelei Lee, in the 1953 film "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" said (sang) it best with "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend." Dress as Lorelei this Halloween, and your costume could make this very true statement. Compromising pictures with a diamond mine owner and marrying for money not required.

 Not just costume jewelry, but a jewelry costume!

Sure, finding a dress with such an impressive bow might be a challenge, but why not do a modern take on this classic beauty? Start with this adorable dress from J. Crew, add some gloves from the party store, and then go to town with the diamonds! Try splurging on one item (diamonds are forever, after all!) and fill in the rest from your favorite stores (Forever 21, Target, and Kohls are always great spots for cheap, sparkly finds).

Finish with some fabulous red lipstick and a great blonde 'do and you'll be sure to turn heads, and earn your fair share of tiaras!

marilyn Not just costume jewelry, but a jewelry costume!

1. Pink Flamenca Dress, J. Crew, $99
2. Hot Pink Flapper's Gloves, Costume Supercenter, $7.99
3. Rhinestoned Bracelet, Forever 21, $12.80
4. Emerald Cut Collar Necklace, Forever 21, $12.80
5. Rhinestone Chandelier Earrings, Forever 21, $6.80

6. Diamond Sparkling Event Earring, Desires by Mikolay, $8950
7. White Bangle Bracelet, Desires by Mikolay, $150
8. Pave Diamond Ring, Desires by Mikolay, $5950
9. Crystal Triple Strand Necklace, Desires by Mikolay, $590

Grecian Goddess
Yell out TOGA! TOGA! and unleash your inner Venus (with a bit more clothing, of course) in this uncomplicated, elegant costume. Relive your "Animal House" days as a sophisticated adult and you'll look simply divine!

 Not just costume jewelry, but a jewelry costume!

The internet is full of great tutorials on how to tie togas. Check out this video on Youtube (How to tie a toga) with comprehensive instructions for multiple styles, all of which start from the classic bedsheet and will look sensational on you! Then add bold cuffs, luxurious gemstones, comfy sandals, and you'll be good as gold! In just a few simple pieces, you'll be deserving the royal treatment.

goddess Not just costume jewelry, but a jewelry costume!

1. 5pc Stack Colored Bangles in Coral/Gold, Target, $29.99
2. Ellie Rome Gladiator Sandal, Shoebuy.com, $47.95
3. Collar Necklace, Target, $16.99
4. Stenciled Leaf Headband, Urban Outfitters, $19

5. Gemstone Bangles in Gold Plate, Desires by Mikolay, $350-450
6. Hammered Disk Earring on Post, Desires by Mikolay, call for price
7. Hammered Cuff Bracelet, Desires by Mikolay, call for price

Audrey Hepburn
Holly Golightly in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" is the ultimate effortless fashionista. Her black satin Givenchy dress, Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses, and incredible pearl and diamond jewelry have become iconically known as the world's greatest window shopping outfit. This Halloween, yell for Cat, and finally whip out that little black dress you look amazing in and don't wear nearly enough!

 Not just costume jewelry, but a jewelry costume!

See you October 31st standing outside Desires by Mikolay with a coffee and pastry? Okay, cool.

audrey Not just costume jewelry, but a jewelry costume!

1. Nicole Miller Black Matte Stretch Jersey Halter Dress, Bluefly.com, $199.20
2. Elie Tahari Black Stretch 'Trudy' Shift Dress, Bluefly.com, $134.25
3. Collar Necklace, H&M, $17.95
4. Rhinestone Brooch Pin, Etsy.com, $9.95
5. Princess Cut Rhinestone Studs, Forever 21,  $6.80
6. Long Black Gloves, Party City, $12.99
7. Rhinestoned Tiara Hair Elastic, Forever 21, $9.80
8. Xhilaration Round Black Sunglasses, Target,  $12.99

9. Scott Mikolay Stud Earring in White Topaz, Desires by Mikolay, $990
10. White Pearl and Diamond Bracelet, Desires by Mikolay, $150

Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman
Okay, I'll admit it. This one's a toughie. But if you have the means, and a gorgeous head of red hair, this could be the greatest costume ever. The scene where Edward gives Vivian the diamond and ruby necklace before the opera is one of jewelry's most beloved film appearances. And did you know his snapping the box closed was totally improvised?! Adorable.

red dress Not just costume jewelry, but a jewelry costume!

I've often seen Vivian's, shall we say, professional outfit represented on Halloween, but never this more elegant one. The patent leather boots didn't cut it on Rodeo Drive, so please, someone go for this! Note: Richard Gere not included.

julia Not just costume jewelry, but a jewelry costume!

1. Red Chiffon Off the Shoulder Prom Gown, Linda Dresses, $135
2. Pamella Roland One Shoulder Gown, Neiman Marcus, $1980
3. Faviana Couture Chiffon Strapless Evening Dress, edressme.com, $258
4. Rose Cut Ruby Necklace, Desires by Mikolay, call for price
5. Long White Gloves, Party City, $9.99
6. Pretty Woman Inspired CZ Ruby Necklace, emitations.com, $289

Get creative, jewelry lovers! You probably already have the clothes, so all that's left to do is try on the accessories, and that's the best part, right?

Have any other JEWELRY COSTUME ideas? Let us know! (And share pics, please!)

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Top 5 picks for transitional jewelry…Summer to Fall

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As we officially approach the end of summer and feel the crisp morning nip in the air, we immediately jump into cozy sweaters and fall boots. We forget that in September we can experience some lovely weather that helps us transition from our Summer wardrobe into our Fall one.

That same principle applies to our jewelry wardrobe! The pieces you have been living in all summer long still have a place in your look for early Fall.

Your favorite gold hoop earrings or that bold watch, work well against the deeper color palettes of Fall.

My top 5 picks for jewelry that will transition you from Summer to Fall…

8CGGPS RQ 15CST TIMOR1 300x188 Top 5 picks for transitional jewelry...Summer to Fall

1)   Bold cuff bracelet

The good news is that bold jewelry is a Fall 2012 jewelry trend. Remember that cuff bracelet that you have been wearing with your summer maxi dress? Well guess what? It looks amazing worn over a thin long sleeve cashmere sweater or a silky dress.

These cuff bracelets are a bestseller, combining texture with metal creates a sophisticated yet forward look.

Stylists are showing cuffs worn this way. Often paired with a great hoop earring…which leads me to #2…

To read more go to Good Enough Mother, Rene Syler's Blog

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