Everything You Need to Know About Ear Stacking

October 24, 2017

Everything You Need to Know About Ear Stacking

Depending on my look and mood for the day, the right designer necklace, bracelet or earrings can be the element that pulls an entire outfit together -- or elevates the style of a more basic ensemble. Yet one of the best features of designer jewelry lines is that they can be perfectly within seasonal trends, while still maintaining an attention-getting, one-of-a-kind look. One current trend that I believe is perfectly suited to custom and designer jewelry is “ear stacking”.

The Modern Ear Stack Trend

As its name implies, the ear stack trend is all about using multiple earrings together -- "stacking" them up the ear. Far from being restrictive by the addition of more pieces, this trend opens up a whole world of styling options for ears, from simple to the complex. Ear stacks can be a perfectly matched set or a more eclectic assortment, yet still have a fashionably put-together look overall. What I love most about this trend is the creativity that it can inspire. With its nearly unlimited configurations, I have used them to bring new life to an outfit as well as to my personal jewelry collection.

Styling the Perfect Ear Stack

Testing out a new style can be overwhelming at the start, even when it comes to jewelry. The following are a few of my best tips for experimenting with and styling your ear stack the right way.

1. Play with different combinations. The many types of earrings available, from studs and hoops to bars and climbers, present great variety when it comes to creating a stylish earring stack. You may choose to keep it sleek and simple with variations on a single style or go for something more dramatic with a combination of styles. The key to successfully combining different earrings in your ear stack is to always have one piece that is the feature -- then build your earring look around it.

2. Go for minimal. Although the basic premise of ear stacking is about adding more, going all out or not at all are not your only options. A relatively simple stack of three pieces strategically placed is just as effective, if not more, as an ear that is more covered with jewelry. As an example, three studs of similar or increasing size, or two delicate hoops paired with a stud, are all elegantly simple ways to style several earrings together.

3. Try silver and gold together. The old rules of never combining these two jewelry finishes no longer apply, opening up more options for your earring styles. Pairing silver and gold earrings in complementary styles actually work well together to create an eye-catching yet cohesive look.

4. Add an ear cuff. The ear stack trend isn't only for those who already have multiple piercings. For jewelry enthusiasts who only have one piercing, the right cuff earring can be the perfect way to build on their style. These unique earrings come in a range of styles that can match or complement any stud or hoop, and allow for experimenting with stacking without the commitment.

5. Pair simple studs with dramatic climbers. With their long stretch up their ear, climbers are the definite spotlight feature of any earring combination of which they are a part. In a stack, a climber should be paired with more simple earring choices, either in the same style or a similar style that will not draw attention from the focal point.

Finding the right ear stack style is about experimenting the look that works best for you -- and the great part is that this can change based on the day and your mood. By following the above suggestions for perfect ear stacking style, you'll be ready to embrace this trending jewelry look.

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