Graf von Faber-Castell Pen of the Year 2014, Platinum Fountain

Catherine the Great wanted Roman inspired baths - and a structure from Charles Cameron that was absolutely breathtaking. 

Three large, red-brown jasper stones are embedded into the platinum-plated barrel of the plunger-type fountain pen and envision the aura of these magnificent rooms perfectly. Numerous polishings give these vibrantly grained gemstones an inimitable radiance. 

The barrel is also engraved with a chain pattern that echoes a formative style element of the Agate Rooms. The cap of the fountain pen is adorned with grey, shimmering, Russian quartz with a facet finish.

Paying homage to the Agate Rooms, the Catherine Palace Pen of the Year brings the lustre and aesthetics of a major era alive in such a fascinating manner. Both editions come with an 18-carat, bicolour gold nib that is run in by hand. An end-cap protects the rotary knob of the plunger mechanism of the plunger-type fountain pen.

  • Platinum-plated barrel adorned with three large, reddish-brown jasper stones and engraved with a chain pattern
  • Individually numbered writing instruments
  • 18-carat bicolour gold nib, run in by hand
  • Available in the nib widths M, F, B, and BB
  • Cap of the pen is adorned with a grey shimmering Russian quartz with facet finish
  • Exclusive wooden box with additional insert with space for additional 6 writing instruments, high- quality brochure and a certificate of limitation
  • Limited to 1000 pieces