Custom Design

Part of what makes Desires by Mikolay so unique is that Scott Mikolay isn't just capable of repairs, but is a master of fully custom design as well. Commemorating important events with personalized pieces is always an exciting decision and Mikolay does not merely create jewelry; he tells a story with his work that conveys deep meaning. It is a declaration of love and of beauty. 

Combining skill in both design and execution, Mikolay creates pieces of extraordinary workmanship and quality.The end result is truly one of a kind and a perfect statement of your individuality. Mikolay uses the CAD/CAM computer design program, handcrafts pieces, and makes the entire process a fun, friendly and easily navigable one. When meeting with his clients, Mikolay hones in on the client's personal taste and carefully listens to their ideas. He then works up a rendering for approval and at that point, as well as throughout the design process,there is the opportunity to make adjustments. After, Mikolay and his design team work with the client to select the stones, metals, finish, and discuss any special techniques. The whole process takes approximately 2-4 weeks, and the finished piece is a unique heirloom to be forever treasured.

Scott Mikolay is jewelry design. Each piece is made with painstaking craftsmanship and attention to detail.

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