Diamond Remounting and Resetting Jewelry

Remounting or resetting refers to the process of placing your diamond or fine gemstone into a new piece of jewelry. There are many reasons to reset your jewelry. Over years of wear, the metal and prongs can become damaged putting your center stone at risk. Sometimes a repair is all that is needed, and in other cases resetting your stone into a new mounting is ideal for both safety and security. Often times,the reason can be purely aesthetic. Resetting your stone into a new mounting can completely transform your engagement ring and reflect your personal taste and style.

Is your current engagement ring set in yellow gold? Remounting it into white gold or platinum will enhance the color and update the ring’s look. Looking for a unique style? Try setting your diamond into rose gold that shows a softer and more subtle overall appearance. Not happy with the size of your diamond? Resetting your stone into a ring that has a diamond ‘halo’ will visually enhance the size of your center stone. Our design team has many more ideas that can help you create a ring that is entirely ‘you’ to be worn and treasured for years to come.

Desires by Mikolay has been recognized experts at custom jewelry design, jewelry repair, remounting and resetting for over 10 years. As skilled and knowledgeable jewelers, we will guide you through the process and ensure your jewelry standards and needs are met. Contact us for an appointment.