Scott Mikolay the Jewelry Designer

Scott Mikolay believes that jewelry is art – a vehicle for creative expression. Part of a family of jewelers, he apprenticed in the profession from the age of ten and has always felt a calling to create rare and distinctively fine jewelry. 

In 2004, Scott Mikolay founded Desires by Mikolay in Chappaqua, New York. Success came quickly as word of his innovative custom designs spread. In addition to hosting a broad range of designer lines in his flagship store, Mikolay launched his own jewelry line, which expanded quickly as demand for his designs grew.

Scott Mikolay’s exclusive line of jewelry draws its inspiration from the time of the Tudors, a time when weighty statement jewelry was a part of everyday court life. Although jewelry adornment was used as a way to designate one’s position in society, the jewelry itself also embodied a romanticism that was very characteristic of the time. It is these intertwined values most strikingly articulated by Mikolay’s Aragon, Boleyn, Celebration, Crown, Monarch and Renaissance collections.

Mikolay’s sensitivity to a modern woman's lifestyle is evident in his streamlined, luxuriously powerful jewelry that is easily worn and displayed. This refreshingly new interpretation of vintage wear makes Mikolay the visionary he is.

Visit us today at our Designer Showroom. We are proud of our personalized service, fine craftsmanship, and fair prices. Each piece that Mikolay carries at his flagship store and online is made from the finest gemstones and precious metals. The Mikolay collections will enrapture even the most discerning woman. 


Aragon Collection
Katherine of Aragon, the first wife of Henry VIII, serves as the inspiration for this collection for her integrity, loyalty, and faith. Loved by all, Katherine was descended from a long line of monarchs, a history that Mikolay represents with the royal hues of purple amethyst.
The timeless symbol of the cross is ornately done in this collection, as the embodiment of deep faith and is combined with Mikolay’s masterful use of exquisite colored gemstones and gold craftsmanship.
Capture the soul of the wearer with the grace, integrity and purity of the Aragon Collection.

Boleyn Collection

Inspired by the legendary Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII’s most passionate wife, the Boleyn collection showcases rubies and other red tones to symbolize courage, love, and passion. Anne’s charming, fiery temperament blossoms alongside the simple beauty of pearls, which throughout history have represented mystery and grace.
Anne was the fashion icon of her time. One of her most precious accessories, her renowned ‘B' necklace, also makes an appearance as Mikolay’s signature Boleyn ring, which incorporates the wearer's family name.
Men loved her and woman wanted to be like her. Find out why with the Boleyn Collection.

Celebration Collection
Giving the gift of jewelry is a way to commemorate the most important moments of life. It is in this spirit that the Celebration Collection radiates an unending love and joie de vivre.
Mikolay uses only the finest materials for this collection – including brilliant diamonds and precious stones such as emerald, sapphire, and rubies set into 18-karat white gold and platinum.
The Renaissance is one of the most romantic times in history, when festivals and celebrations lasted for days. Mikolay brings the spirit of that time into each of his pieces in this couture collection.

Crown Collection
The Crown Collection brings the Renaissance to life. A grand artistic awakening, the Renaissance was driven by a quest for beauty that Mikolay has expertly captured and forged into his most sought after line.
The exquisite pageantry of the Crown Collection includes a dramatic large gemstone, resplendent in a crown-shaped setting, and a discreet nod to the wearer’s inner regality. Much as its namesake historical period was a celebration of adornment, the Crown Collection showcases vivid colors and the finest craftsmanship to create a subtle show of prosperity that will turn heads everywhere.
Perfect for the true jewelry collector: the Crown Collection.

The Essex Collection
Mikolay’s men's collection embodies the rebellious spirit of the Earl of Essex, a man whose dignified bearing made him a favorite of Elizabeth I. Although known as a refined man, Essex was also capable of great adventure and a source of intense court intrigue.
These qualities form the design basis for each piece in the Essex Collection. Old English text spells out the wearer's family name, bringing a formality to the modern and edgy dog tag for a unique metropolitan sensibility.
Men with a discerning eye are drawn to the collection’s signature leather wrap bracelet. Show your urban style with the Essex Collection.

Monarch Collection
Created for women who demand the best in the quest to be distinctive, the Monarch Collection features only limited-production pieces. Mikolay hand picks each stone for its fire and brilliance and then uses top quality craftsmanship to forge pieces fit for a queen.
For the distinguished woman who carries herself like royalty: an exclusive collection by Scott Mikolay.

Renaissance Collection
Named after a historical period of intense artistic development and rebirth, the Renaissance Collection symbolizes change and a modernization of vision. Mikolay has taken a fashion staple, the cocktail ring, and transformed it from a dusty relic trotted out only for black-tie events to a versatile luxury designed for everyday wear. The Renaissance Collection combines a modern sensibility with a secret love for glamour. 
Indulge yourself in this universally appealing – and very new – interpretation of classic wear.