All-Time, All-Team Pro Football Quiz Leather Book

Have you been search for a gift for the football superfan? Look no further. A fun way to look at America's new favorite pastime, this edition will attract the admiration of all who hold it in their hands. Combining off-the-wall trivia questions with hardcore stats and nickname puzzlers, the All-Time, All-Team Pro Football Quiz contains stumpers for even the most well-versed football fan.

Whether you're a Cheesehead or a Broncomaniac, you'll find quizzes for every team in the league - from the teams you love to the teams you love to hate. Which former NFL player had a role in Mel Brooks' Blazing Saddles? True or False: Gerald Ford was the only U.S. president to play in the NFL? How many teams that won NFL championships are now defunct?

Initial personalization is available for an $15 additional fee.  Contact us  direct to order. 

  • Latest release, August 2014
  • Hand-bound in American Bison leather
  • Measures 6"w x9"h x .08d"
  • 272 pages