Milano Turquoise, Coral & Crystal Bead Bracelet

With every purchase of the TI SENTO – Milano bracelet we donate $10 to Red Cross fighting the Corona virus (COVID-19).

Whilst the pandemic continues to spread, and most of us self-isolate from the comfort of our own homes trying to contain the virus’ spread, healthcare workers are toiling around the clock. Not only to treat coronavirus patients, but also to keep all other healthcare operations running smoothly.

The colors of the bracelet carry a strong message. The coral red beads stand for the color of the Red Cross and the healthcare sector, the turquoise blue is a reminder of the beauty of our planet, which we must strive to take care of.

Let’s support the health sector together! Wear our coral red & turquoise bracelet and share your own personal combination with us!

Please allow 4-6  weeks for delivery.

  • Sterling silver
  • Coral
  • Turquoise