Pigskin Warriors, 140 Years of College Football's Greatest Traditions, Games and Stars

This is the story of a sport's role in society, from the "leather helmet era," through the dawn of television and its tremendous impact on the college game, and up to the present era of collegiate football as "big business".

In this comprehensive history, Steven Travers breaks down the story of college football into two eras, one period prior to World War I, when the nascent sport was so dangerous that President Theodore Roosevelt proposed legislation to make the sport safer, and the modern era, when the popularity of football led to the development of professional leagues largely fed by college players.

Travers also compiles an impressive list of All-Americans, bowl performances, all-time winning records, winning streaks, great runs, decades and dynasties, pro football representation, and a host of other detailed criteria. It's all here: the statistics, the stories, and the lore of a game that has and will continue to dominate fall Saturdays for another hundred years to come. This book is a perfect keepsake gift choice for the ultimate football fan! 

  • Bound by hand in traditional leather
  • Dimensions 10.2"h x 7.3"w x 1"d
  • Page count: 366