The 'Two Fingers' Whiskey Box

Do you have a Whiskey aficionado in your family? He will just LOVE the 'Two Fingers Whiskey Box' care package. One of the highlights of this box are the w hiskey stone set from Lithologie. It  contains 4 stones in a walnut display with  940 million year old stones from the region of St-Élie-de-Caxton, Qc, Canada (say what?!).

The main affair is the genuine leather bound 'World Whiskey' book. It is your nation-by-nation whiskey bible. Featuring photographs for each type to aid in recognition, this comprehensive reference guides you through every important distilling nation---from Dewar's and Macallan in Scotland to Jack Daniel's and Maker's Mark in the United States to Amrut and Lammerlaw in Asia and Australia

Other items include decadent bourbon pecan pie candy bar by Hammond's and your choice of Happy Birthday or Happy Father's Day greeting card by Rifle Card Co.

  • Leather bound keepsake book
  • Whiskey stone set
  • Gourmet chocolate bar
  • Greeting card