Celine Daoust Moonstone & Diamond Long Dangling Earrings

These exquisite Celine Daoust earrings are crafted from 14K light yellow gold, featuring a stunning array of moonstones and diamonds. The stones are carefully selected to present a gradient of light iridescent tones, creating a graceful and enchanting visual effect. The totem design of the earrings serves as a protective talisman and a lucky charm, symbolizing spirituality and strength.

Moonstones, known for intensifying divine feminine energy, are the highlight of these earrings. Their lunar shimmer enhances their spiritual properties, aiding in emotional balance and inner growth. Reflecting the magical healing qualities of the moon, these crystals offer a harmonious connection to both body and spirit, making these earrings not just a piece of jewelry, but a symbol of deeper spiritual significance.

  • 14k yellow gold
  • Moonstone
  • Diamond 0.10ctw
  • Approximately 1.85" long