Our Guide to Diamonds and Gemstones


Desires by Mikolay is proud to offer diamonds that adhere to GIA standards and come with a certificate of its professional grading report. GIA is the world's largest and most respected nonprofit institute of gemological research and learning and is the creator of the revolutionary 4Cs of diamond value. The Institute is distinguished as the preeminent source of gemological knowledge and professionalism, and their analyses of diamonds are the most extensive and reliable in the world.

The 4Cs: Carat, Color, Clarity, Cutย 

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In the Middle Ages, beautiful gems were not found in shops, but instead at the apothecary! These stones were not just for mere ornament as we know them today. Rather because of their rarity and costliness, they were considered very powerful and valued for the special properties they were believed to possess. When later connected to the signs of the zodiac, it was believed that wearing the right stone each month would ensure healing or magic. Those who could afford it would collect all 12, but for most, it was only possible to obtain one. This led to the thinking that it was most valuable to be blessed during the month of one's birth anniversary. For more information on all types of gemstones, check out the Gem Encyclopedia from GIA!






January: Garnet
Deep red Garnet brings awareness, inner strength, enhances internal fire, and removes negativity.

February: Amethyst
Rich purple Amethyst is the stone that brings serenity, sincerity, and peace of mind.

March: Aquamarine
This pale blue gem is associated with good health, youth, love, and hope. These soothing qualities bring courage and understanding and promote friendship and overall happiness.

April: Diamond
Diamonds are always associated with strength. Eternal love, clarity of thought, and invincibility are properties said to come to those who wear them.

May: Emerald
This enigmatic, alluring green stone is associated with loyalty, health, and romance. Emeralds promote good fortune in relationships.

June: Pearl or Moonstone
The understated beauty of these stones is associated with sincerity and innocence, suggesting modesty and a good heart.

July: Ruby
Rubies are associated with devotion, ultimate success and a noble character. Wearers may attract both good luck and good friends.

August: Peridot
The vibrant green hue of Peridot is one of the most charming. Tradition says its wearer will be protected from negative emotions and find great prosperity.

September: Sapphire
This sophisticated deep blue stone is associated with qualities of wisdom, truth, and insight. Sapphire has long symbolized sincerity and faithfulness, making it a lovely choice for an engagement ring.

October: Opal or Tourmaline
These two gems represent hope and creativity. Transforming negative behavior into positive, they bring love, joy, and peace.

November: Citrine
This gem is associated with strength and healing for both body and mind, as Citrine is the stone of radiance, both inside and out.

December: Blue Topaz or Turquoise
These stones are representative of a happy life filled with good fortune, blessing, and protection. They promote deep emotional attachment and for eternal romances and friendships.