Double Sided Black Onyx Mother of Pearl Cufflink Stud Set

Dare to distinguish yourself with our Double Sided Onyx & Mother of Pearl Stud Set, the optimal choice for the discerning man. Encased in a shimmering border of plated base metal, the expanse of the Onyx stone radiates a sophisticated allure that is second to none. But the mastery of this creation does not stop with what meets the eye. Turn the cufflinks around and discover a delightful surprise - the same beveled edge framing the serene beauty of a Mother of Pearl center. The studs are designed purposefully to be double-sided; choose to showcase either the Onyx or Mother of Pearl, or if the mood strikes, create a captivating contrast by alternating between the two. A unique, versatile, and bold gift for the extraordinary man. 
  • Cufflinks are approximately 3/4" in diameter
  • Studs are approximately 3/8" in diameter
  • Plated base metal with Onyx and Mother of Pearl
  • Cufflinks have fixed backing with stone inlay
  • Studs are double sided with Onyx and Mother of Pearl