Pig & Hen Little Lewis DBL Navy | Silver Men's Bracelet

The Pig & Hen Little Lewis DBL bracelet is a testament to both durability and style—crafted to stand the test of time. This adjustable bracelet combines the ruggedness of tightly woven navy rope with the sleekness of silver clasps, embodying a maritime aesthetic that pays homage to naval tradition while fitting seamlessly into modern fashion. Perfect for the adventurous man, it's designed not just to accompany you through the daily grind but also to survive extreme conditions, both at sea and on land.

  • COLOR: Navy | Silver
  • ROPE WIDTH: 4 mm
  • ROPE TYPE: Round
  • SHACKLE SIZE: 6 mm
  • SHACKLE TYPE: Choker
  • MATERIAL TYPE: 316L Stainless Steel, Marine rope