Desire's Story


Husband and wife team, Scott & Tara Mikolay have built the impeccable Desires By Mikolay brand. Together, they have launched Scott’s own couture collection, 
Scott Mikolay Jewelry Design, opened an online store, and expanded the physical store to triple its original size.

Scott Mikolay grew up in Yorktown Heights, NY, where at just 12 years old he began apprenticing for his father’s company, Mikolay Jewelers. This experience under his father, Larry Mikolay, a true craftsman, was what sparked Scott’s passion for design and jewelry. Specializing in custom design and repair, Larry, and now Scott serviced many of the well-known jewelry stores in the Westchester area. By the age of 18 Scott was a Master Jeweler and in 2003 Larry retired, passing his business down to his son.

Scott decided to expand the business and open a jewelry store that was truly full service, and in 2004 Desires by Mikolay was born. Joining with, then girlfriend, Tara Caverzasi, Desires by Mikolay was an instant success and was voted ‘Best Jewelry Store’ by the readers of Westchester Magazine in 2005, 2006, and 2008 (and since in 2012 and again in 2013 - Best Wedding Rings!). The duo was unstoppable. Together they built the impeccable Desires brand, designed and launched Scott’s own couture collection (Scott Mikolay Jewelry Design, 2008), opened an online store, and expanded the physical store to triple its original size. Tara, who had been working as a social worker, fell in love with jewelry, marketing, and the general daily tasks of a business owner. Working closely together she also fell further in love with Scott and the two were married in 2008.

Today, the lovely husband and wife team show no signs of slowing. Following their own success, Tara and Scott quickly turned their attention to bettering the world around them. Philanthropy has been and will always remain a crucial element in the Desires business model. The expansion of their company enabled the Mikolays to provide even more support to the conservation and humanitarian efforts so important to them, as well as to host charity events at the store (coining the “Shop Local, Shop for a Cause” movement).

Showing that altruism at home is of equal importance to them, Scott and Tara are very involved in local matters as well. They’re proud to be a small business in the Westchester community and want to see it thrive just as much as the residents do. Noting that the relationships formed throughout their time in Chappaqua are what make the job worth doing, Scott and Tara are thrilled that the line between friend and customer often fades away. Working relentlessly to offer the finest products, best service and really anything to make anyone that enters the store happy, is then simply a matter of going the distance for a friend.