Call Of The Wild Leather Bound Keepsake Book

Life reaches its pinnacle in a state of ecstasy, beyond which it cannot ascend. This paradox of existence reveals that ecstasy manifests when one is most alive, often accompanied by a blissful forgetfulness of one's own life. In the case of Buck, a robust St. Bernard-Shepherd mix, his domesticated existence is abruptly upended when he is snatched from his owner and thrust into the role of a sled dog in the harsh Alaskan wilderness. His luxurious past is swiftly replaced by a life of survival and adaptation, as he acquaints himself with the unforgiving ways of the wild. Set against the backdrop of the Klondike region of Canada during the 1890s Klondike Gold Rush, "The Call of the Wild" offers a poignant portrayal of a canine's transformation as he learns to navigate the challenges life presents, whether fair or not.

  • Bound by hand in bonded leather
  • 106 pages
  • Size:   5.25" W x 0.27" D x 8" H