Monica Rich Kosann Fancy Cut Staggered Diamond Tennis Bracelet

Monica Rich Kosann has partnered with the iconic 18-time Major champion, Chris Evert, to introduce the classic Tennis Bracelet into the world of high-end jewelry, making its premiere in this opulent domain.

Inspired by Chris's vivid memory of that significant moment, each gold bracelet integrates a pear-shaped diamond teardrop to symbolize a drop of sweat, a brilliant green emerald to embody the vibrant green of the tennis court, and, of course, pristine lines meticulously crafted from real diamonds.

  • 18K Yellow Gold
  • Set with Natural Trillion Baguette, Round, Princess and Oval Cut White Diamonds and Green Emerald.
  • Total Diamond Carat Weight: .942cts; FG VS1-2.
  • Emerald Carat Weight: .1cts
  • Adjustable bracelet measures 7" in Length
  • This style comes with an original letter personally signed by Chris Evert and Monica Rich Kosann about the collection
  • All styles come with a certificate of authenticity Single hanging accent Pear Shaped Diamond.