NEST Fragrances 3-Wick Candle in Grapefruit Scent

Nest is a bestselling fragrance brand that offers a wide array of candles and diffusers in gorgeous packaging. Have you been shopping for the perfect hostess gift and not found it? Or are you looking to scent your home with a warm and inviting fragrance? Look no further!

The Grapefruit scent features pink pomelo grapefruit blended with lily of the valley and coriander blossom. The 3-wick is the perfect candle size for a grand entryway, dining room table or even to burn while taking a luxurious bubble bath. 

    • 22.7 oz weight
    • 100 hours of approximate burn time
    • Made with premium, soft, highly refined, cosmetic grade wax
    • High quality fragrance oils used
    • Elegant glass container and packaging