Pink Heart Little Girl's Hoops

Delight in the elegance of these specially crafted hoop earrings tailored for young girls, imparting a graceful touch of affection. Fashioned from 14k yellow gold, they emit a gentle glow that harmonizes with any ensemble. Each hoop features a singular heart-shaped cubic zirconia stone at its center, imparting a delicate sparkle that captivates the imagination. The petite size and lightweight construction of these earrings make them a perfect selection for girls with sensitive ears, ensuring comfort and confidence throughout the day.

Newly pierced ears should wear 14k yellow gold for the first year while the ear heals as it is very hypoallergenic.

  • 14k yellow gold
  • Pink cubic zirconia
  • Earring size: 11mm Outer; 9mm Inner 2mm Width