Treasured Lands Leather Bound Keepsake Book

This tale recounts how images of Yosemite inspired President Lincoln to sign the legislation that laid the foundation for the U.S. National Park Service. In "Treasured Lands: A Photographic Odyssey Through America's National Parks," renowned photographer QT Luong pays tribute to the protected wilderness of the 59 national parks in the United States. Over the span of more than two decades and 300 visits, Luong directed his lenses toward both iconic vistas and rarely seen remote corners, presenting this visual odyssey with a compilation of over 500 awe-inspiring images.

Accompanying this remarkable collection is an informative guide complete with park maps and extended captions that shed light on the details of each photograph. This guide not only invites park enthusiasts to connect with these natural wonders but also inspires photographers to reimagine these breathtaking landscapes. It offers captivating insights that provide context to the pictures and illustrate the extraordinary scope of Luong's journey. "Treasured Lands" offers a vivid tour through the splendors of the U.S. National Parks and stands as an invaluable resource, preserving America's natural heritage for generations to come.

  • Bound by hand in bonded leather
  • 456 pages
  • Size: 12" W  x 1.75" D x 10" H