Diamond Starburst Enhancer on Gold Oval Link Chain

Elegance and modern jewelry design come together in this show stopping piece by Tara Mikolay. Wear the oval gold link chain every day -- and when you are heading off to a more formal affair place the starburst on the chain for a glamorous look! 

Oh the glorious Star!  Shining in the night sky, stars enchant us with their presence, reminding us that we are but a tiny piece of the vast universe. Wearing a star is a symbol of divine guidance and light. 

The Diamond is a crystal of light; its high frequency energy is dispersed into flashing prisms of brilliant fire! A spiritual stone, it is a symbol of beauty and illumination.

  • Pave encrusted
  • 17" chain length
  • 14k yellow gold
  • Chain diamond 9.95ctw
  • Pendant diamond 3.5ctw
  • Pendant and chain can be sold separately